Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wii Fit, We Meet Again

"It has been 964 days since we saw you last".  Ugh. 964 days? Has it really been over 2 and half years since we used the Wii Fit? I knew we'd been lazy, but I didn't quite realise we'd been so lazy for so long.

Hubby set it all up again this morning, and I'm not sure either of us was very happy with the results.  Hubby registers as obese, whereas I am a point or two under obese.

It's slightly depressing. However my Wii Fit age is apparently 24! Not bad considering I'm actually 28.  

I've set myself a goal of losing 1 stone in 3 months.  I thought I'd set a realistic goal, as I'm a slow weight loser.  It says that my ideal weight would be 9st 8lbs.  HA! I've not been under 11 stone since I was in high school; it would take an absolute miracle to get to under 10st.

Hubby wants to lose a little more, in a shorter time frame, but he can drop weight very easily, it's just keeping it off that's our problem.  But as I said in my previous post, I'm going to try and not focus on what it says on the scales, but judge it through my clothes and measurements.

I love the Wii Fit, as it means I can put Samantha in her chair and she can watch me make a total fool of myself while I do it.

I'm going to try and do a little bit every day, and we'll see how we go.  Will post updates as we go along.


  1. When we started our new healthy lifestyle (don't want to call it a diet) we began with Wii Fit. We've moved onto other things (Zumba, running) but have kept up with the Wii Fit weigh ins, and I finally made it into the Ideal category this week, which I'm absolutely thrilled about, as that's pretty much me hit my target. I started a few points into Obese too, and it's been brilliant to watch the weight come down over the weeks and months.

    It reckons my absolute ideal weight is 11st, a good bit below what I am now, but given folk are already telling me I'm getting too thin I think I'll try and maintain for a while, see how I get on.

  2. You guys are doing so well! I had a wee swatch at Gemma's blog too.

    I've put on over a stone since we last did the Wii Fit. Made me so annoyed, but I'm gonna use that annoyance as motivation! It's not even baby weight, it's greedy weight haha!

    We also upgraded our SL gym membership, so combining gym, swimming and Wii Fit, hopefully we'll get there.

    I hope your'e gonna put your before and after photos on your blog?



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