Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review: Asda's Little Angels Dry and Sensitive Bath and Body Wash

Samantha has pretty much had dry skin since the day she was born.  It was mostly on her forehead and eyebrows, her arms and legs.  Now it's localised to her neck area because of all the drooling she does and where her bibs sit. 

Asda have a new dry and sensitive range from Little Angels; a body wash and a shampoo. Here's the blurb from Asda:

"Asda’s Little Angels Dry & Sensitive Hair & Body Wash has been specially developed with your baby’s needs in mind. The special formula provides care for babies with dry or sensitive skin and prone to eczema. Dermatologically tested, this creamy formula enriched with moisturisers will leave your munchkin’s delicate skin feeling soft and silky after bath time."

Usually, I just use water and cotton wool at bath time, and a little bit of shampoo on Samantha's hair, but we decided to give this a go. 

I quite liked it.  It didn't aggravate Samantha's dry areas, and left her skin smooth.  However, what usually draws me to a product is the smell, and I don't think this body wash has a smell at all.  My husband says it's like a very very mild smell of washing up liquid, but I couldn't smell anything at all.  I am aware that there are issues with fragrances and sensitive skin, and I wouldn't expect a product that is designed for sensitive skin to be loaded with fragrance.  I don't know what I was expecting, but perhaps just a little scent would have been nice.

Price wise, it's very reasonable; £1.35 for a 300ml bottle, which will last a long time, as we only use a little amount on our little baby.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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