Monday, 13 August 2012

Operation: Get Back Into My Jeans has begun.

We've done it.  Hubby and I have joined the gym.  It's been a long time coming; we have been sedentary for far too long.  Of course, I have used the "oh but I've just had a baby" excuse, but the wee one is nearly seven months old, and I can't use her as an excuse forever.  

I have had a swimming membership for over a year, but barely used it when I was pregnant, and although I take Samantha swimming quite regularly, I don't get a chance to swim properly when she's there.  

I used to go to the gym quite regularly; I have no idea how I wasn't skinnier, because I was there 2/3 times a week. But then I got married, and became "comfortable" and then that comfort developed into lazy.  It takes a lot for me to get off my behind and do something.  But I have to say, we have been kind of inspired by the Olympics.  We aren't going to become gold medal winning athletes or anything, but I really want to set a good example to Samantha.  

So, from here on we will be healthier, fitter, and hopefully a little bit skinnier.  I really want to get back into my American jeans.  I am not going to focus on what it says on the scales.  I have done Weight Watchers for 10 years on and off, and I became obsessed with what it says on the scales.  Although WW did work really well for me the first time, and sort of well for me subsequent times, I know the plan inside out, and I know how to "cheat" it almost, and the points system means I could eat the things that I want, instead of things I should.  I'm going to start listening to my Slimpod again, so I'm not going to go on a diet as such, just try to make better choices. We get a Veggie Box delivered every Friday, so that encourages us to get most of our 5-a-day.  

The best thing is Hubby is doing it too.  It was really his idea, and so we'll be able to encourage each other. And although we will keep an eye on the scales, what we're really going to focus on is our measurements, and whether or not I can get back into my jeans, cos they really are my favourites.  I'm sick of wearing leggings!! 

Baby belly begone! 


  1. Good luck! For a diet plan, I highly recommend Slimming World. Gem's been going since January and I've been eating SW dinners and generally being careful what I eat/drink and between us we've lost 8 stone!

    As well as the diet plan we got off the couch and starting doing some exercise - first Wii Fit, then Wii Zumba, and I've started running too.

    Certainly seems to be the year for it

    1. For inspiration, Gem's blog is worth a read:


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