Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Gallery: Food!

Ah, Tara has chosen my favourite topic for this weeks Gallery. Food!!

I'm not a foodie, I can't cook extravagant meals or anything like that but I love to eat. Unfortunately I like to eat all the wrong things: crisps, cake, and oh the chocolate! Don't get me wrong I love vegetables and fruit, but I usually choose a bit of chocolate over an apple at the moment.

So, in a bid to be more healthy, hubby and I decided to order a veggie box from The Little Veg Company, which sources their fruit and veg from local farmers and growers. I had visited their stall at the Ideal Home Show, and we thought this would be the right thing for us.

It's absolutely amazing! It's delivered straight to our door on a Friday (less temptation to go for a takeaway) and there's always something different in it. Potatoes, carrots and onions are always in there, then there's 7 or 8 different veggies that are in season.

What we don't use, I cook anyway, mash it and freeze it for the little ones meals. It's been great since we started weaning!

Just look how amazing it is:

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