Monday, 14 May 2012

Review: Asda's New Baby Trollies

Whenever hubby and I go shopping, we have no choice but to take the wee one with us. Thankfully, usually there are trolleys with carriers for the baby's car seat. However, I cannot tell you how many times I have either run the trolley up the back of someone's legs, or dragged a display basket halfway up the aisle, because I can't see over the top of the car seat.

So when I was asked if I wanted to review Asda's new baby trolley design I jumped at the chance.

Samantha and I took a wee trip over to Asda Govan to try them out. So here's what we thought:

Pros: The shelf for the car seat is a good half a metre lower, allowing you to see over and avoid hitting anyone or anything!

Just chillin' around the aisles!

With the old trollies, groceries sit right under the carrier area, making it a bit awkward to access. On the new trollies the area for your shopping doesn't start until half way under, which is good, no more banging my head on the edge of the car seat!

Cons: Asda say the shelf on the bottom of the trolly is ideal for bulkier items. Its not really a shelf, just the legs of the frame of the trolley that are a little closer together. Good for really big items but only if the boxes/items you are buying are a larger width than the frame of the trolley.

My biggest disappointment with the trolley is that it's very shallow. It's about the same depth as the normal shallow trollies. Which is not ideal if you are doing a big shop, with lots of bulky items like cereal boxes or juice bottles.  My groceries were almost reaching the top of the trolley, and that was just with fresh stuff, no bottles, boxes etc.

So overall, I like the trollies, they are definitely much better than the old ones.  I just think they could be a little bit deeper for those big shops.

*I received a gift voucher from Asda in exchange for an honest review*

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