Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Asda's Little Angels Baby Wipes

I love Asda's Little Angels range, and I regularly buy their nappies for Samantha. Recently, they have revamped their Little Angels baby wipes, and we have been given the opportunity to review them.

The wipes are fragrance free, but still have a nice fresh smell about them. Not perfumey, but fresh. They are not too wet either, if that makes sense. Sometimes I find wipes too wet, and sometimes too soapy, and they leave Samantha's skin quite wet after wiping.

The best thing about these wipes though is that they come with a little pot of cream, integrated into the lid. The plastic lid is divided into two, one side for your wipes, the other for the cream. As a nurse, I cannot express how much I love a good barrier cream. I advocate using it on children and adults, as in my line of work, the amount of sore, red bums I see is shocking. Sorry, off on a tangent there! But the cream being part of the wipes packet is great because you don't have to remember to pack a separate pot in your changing bag.

My only negatives would be that it's a wee bit difficult to open the side with the cream in it one handed. If you are holding onto babies legs or holding a nappy in place then it can be quite tricky. And also, once your wipes are finished, there's no way of keeping the remainder of the cream. Which is a shame, I hate to see it go to waste.

All in, we love these wipes. Even Samantha tries to reach for them when we use them!!

The wipes retail in store for £2.48.

*We were given these wipes in exchange for an honest review.*

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