Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Our week

I go to a breastfeeding group on a Friday morning, and there's a little boy who was born the day before Samantha, and he's a whole 5lbs heavier than her!! It makes me wonder if Samantha is just going to be a wee small thing, or if that boy is just extraordinarily big.  It's been nice going to the group, as it gives us a chance to meet other mums and babies.  I attended a lovely mum and baby group for the first time on Friday afternoon with a friend and her little boy.  There's 7 weeks between him and Samantha, and boy can you tell!  He's a big boy too, but he's older so has an excuse.  This group was different; we all just sit and chat, there's no structure to it, and you get a free cup of coffee (proper coffee from the cafe, in a proper cup too! How posh, lol).  We are becoming right little social butterflies!  But it's so good to just chat with others who have babies the same age as Samantha. 

On Saturday my mum, sister and I went to the Scottish Baby and Toddler show at the SECC.  It was the first time I'd been to anything like it, and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.  There were lots of interesting stalls, and I bought a few things for the wee one.  We got a Morrke Baby Hoodie for the wee ones car seat, a Totseat for when she's a little bit older, and I got another breastfeeding top from More4Mums, which says Mama's Home Grown Melons on it... It appealed to me!! Samantha got grumpy as we were going round the stalls so we didn't stay for too long.

I entered a few of the competitions, as you do, and we had a good wander around.  I was sad to hear that this is the last show they're doing in Scotland, as it's not financially viable to stage another one next year.  Feels like Scotland gets the short shrift again!!  I was looking forward to going next year too.  

Saturday night we managed to go out for 2 and half hours to a get together at a friends house.  My parents came over to babysit for us.  I'll admit I was quite anxious, as the last time we tried to go out we had to come home early.  But this time we were only at a friends one street away, so it was no big deal if I had to come home.  I fed Samantha before we left, and thought she would maybe go to sleep after that, but no such luck.  So I left her sitting with her Grandad, watching the football.  

After an hour and a half (and a couple of texts to my mum to make sure everything was ok) my mum sent me this picture:

Both sound asleep!! My mum had said Samantha had had a wee grumpy spell about 9 o'clock, but she wasn't hungry.  So my mum had a brainwave, and wrapped her in my jumper.  She could smell me, so she calmed down and eventually went to sleep!  Never would have thought of that!  So we had a good night, and came home about 10.30.  Samantha slept on through to 2.30am that night, so we know we can go out and it doesn't have to be a huge drama or a worry. 

I was checking my emails on Tuesday morning, when I got one saying I had won one of the competitions I'd entered at the Baby Show: a Senses blackout blind for the wee one's room!! Amazing, I never win anything so I was really chuffed.  I had to phone the guy just to make sure it wasn't a joke!  It was something that hubby and I were looking into getting anyway, so winning one is such a nice bonus.  

Then I got another lovely email later that afternoon asking me to make some little knitted wedding favour bags.  I'm going to be kept lovely and busy for a while with that! It's nice to be knitting with a purpose again.

That's been our week so far, lets hope the rest of the week is as eventful!

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