Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review: Bibbles!

This week I was invited along to attend the bloggers breakfast, arranged by the PR team for the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show.  This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, so it was interesting to meet some lovely Scottish bloggers, and have a coffee and a chat (I resisted the cake and scones - I feel positively angelic!).

The PR ladies had brought along products from some of the exhibitors for us to review.  Our first product is the bandana bib from Bibbles!  

So a bit of background information: (from their website

"Bibbles are hand-made in Nottingham, in the UK from fabrics that I source and select locally every month. Every bandana bib is made within a few miles of my home, and from the highest quality cotton with a super absorbent fleece lining and nickel free, adjustable press-studs.It’s the unique combination of cotton and fleece means that the outer cotton layer absorbs wetness whilst the fleece under-layer acts as a barrier, preventing the clothing from becoming wet. The "tunnel" fleece disperses the wetness, creates airflow and allows moisture to evaporate so the bib dries out quickly.  Of course the Bibble is fully washable and is even available in larger sizes for older children and adults with special needs."

Samantha is now at that stage where she is drooling constantly.  She's like one of those St Bernard dogs, all slobbery! Her hands are never away from her mouth and she's starting to suck her fingers, and her clothes if she can't get to the hands, so bibs are a necessity.  The beauty of this bib is that it keeps the moisture away from her clothes and skin underneath.

Not only are the bibs very practical, they are made from some very lovely fabrics. Unlike most bibs that have cartoons on them or are just white with a plastic backing, bandana bibs come in lots of different patterns.  We had the Mini Spot bib, which is red with white dots. 

What I like most about these bibs, besides the practical element, is that they look like part of an outfit.  It's not obviously a bib at first glance.  My husband thinks Samantha looks like a cowboy with hers on! 

But the best thing about these bibs, is the price.  Each bib is only £3, which appeals to me because, you know, I'm a wee bit frugal (my favourite four letter word is sale!).  

The only downside to these bibs is that they're just a tad bit too small, however larger ones are available from their website.  They also do adult sized ones!

I can't wait to see what other bibs they have on sale at the exhibition.

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

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