Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Gallery: Easter

This weeks theme for the gallery is Easter. Our Easter weekend wasn't very eventful. Hubby was working Friday Saturday and Monday, so there wasn't much of an opportunity to go anywhere. We went to church on Sunday morning, where we got to meet our friends newborn baby for the first time! He's absolutely gorgeous and so tiny! I sometimes think that Samantha isn't growing, but when I saw her next to Lachlan, she's positively giant! Won't be long til he overtakes her though.

Sunday afternoon was spent at my mum and dads having lunch. Gone are the days of my youth when we would spend Easter weekend at my grandparents, decorating boiled eggs, and going to The Glen to roll them down the hill. We always had a competition to see who's egg remained intact the longest. My grandad always won... Methinks he painted his with varnish! I can't wait to be able to do all these things with Samantha.

Since Samantha is a little young for chocolate, my mum got her a little Easter chick. She was also wearing her little Easter chick babygrow. And of course, as tradition in our house dictates, it's not Easter until you've had one of mums homemade chocolate crispy egg nests!

This was our Easter. Check out the other entries over at Tara Cain's blog: www.stickyfingers1.blogspot.com


  1. The blue leg and crispy cake looked like a shark from underneath at first glance! I was very confused lol

  2. Cute baby, cute baby grow! Yum, chocolate nests!

  3. Beautiful baby and I love that chick!


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