Thursday, 19 April 2012

Failed night out

Hubby and I attempted to go to the cinema last night. We had everything prepared; I expressed a little bit of milk although I couldn't manage an awful lot, and I had little cartons of Aptamil to tip her up if needed. Mum and dad were more than willing to come over to babysit. She was fed and settled when we left. The cinema is only 5 mins away from us so we wouldn't be too far away if needed. I was a little bit anxious, as it was the first time we would be away from her for so long.

We chose to go and see Titanic. The ship had just hit the iceberg when I got a text from my mum. Samantha wouldn't settle, and was point blank refusing to take the bottle. So we had to come home. Thankfully we have see the movie before and know how it ends!

When we got home the poor wee thing was really hungry. My dad had got her settled but as soon as I put her to the breast she guzzled away.

Maybe it was too soon to leave her. I don't know how we are going to convince her to take a bottle in future. But we gave it a shot. Maybe next time it'll be better.

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  1. This is so familiar to me, John didn't take a bottle until he was 6 months. We tried every different kind but he just wouldn't have it. He was a hungry baby and fed every 2 hours until he was 6 months, even at night. But one day it just happened. I was about to try and open cup when I thought 'one more try' and he took it! I hope she has that turning point soon so you can have some quality time x


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