Monday, 23 April 2012

Battle with the Bottle...

As mentioned in a previous post, we are struggling to get Samantha to take a bottle.  She has been exclusively breast fed from birth, and we've never really needed to give her a bottle because she's never been away from me.  Until Wednesday night when we tried to go to the cinema.

We need to persevere with trying to get her to take a bottle, as I will have to leave her at some point.  I have tickets to a concert on 18th May and so hubby will be on feeding duty.  We tried last night with the bottle but she screamed, held her mouth open and moved her head away from it.  The minute I put her to the breast she suckled away no problem.  It makes me feel so bad as, although I know breast feeding has been the best thing for her, maybe I should have given her a bottle earlier.  And I don't want to leave her, thinking she's going to be hungry and grumpy and hubby's not going to be able to feed her. 

We are using Avent bottles and teats, but hubby seems to think the teats are too long for her, so we are looking into different teats.  Anyone have any suggestions or advice?


  1. It's really difficult. I know my friend Donna's wee boy didn't take a bottle at all. I think perseverance is the only way. I wish I could help more. I didn't have that problem as I could only breast feed for 3 weeks max. xx

    1. Thanks Susan. I've bought a tommy Tippee cup today, it has a more breast shaped teat. So we'll give that a go. It's really only for the times I'm not around. Have to be able to leave her sometimes (even though I don't want to!!) x

  2. It is sometimes easier if someone else tries to give the bottle when baby knows you are not there and can't smell you. You may have to hide in the garden for a bit !! You may have to persevere though so keep trying. Good luck


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