Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Gallery A Family Story

Six years ago, I was a young 22 year old in the final year of my Nursing Degree.  Stressed out to the max with final exams, placements, and assignments, my best friend took me down the pub for a drink and a girly chat.

Unbeknownst to me, she had planned for her boyfriend and his friend to show up.  His friend was 28, funny, charming, and chatty.   

 The next day, he phoned and asked me out.  Four years later, we got married!

And this year, on January 19th, at 7.08pm, we welcomed our gorgeous daughter Samantha into the world.

She is now 3 weeks old, and we are such a happy little family.

This is a post for The Gallery.  Why not check out the other entries over at Sticky Fingers?


  1. Oh goodness, now I feel very broody. Samantha is beautiful. Each photograph here is a lovely beginning.

  2. lol Amazing!!! I'm a French nurse... SAHM actually. My toddler was born on January the 19st of 2010. And I'm a serial knitter. Isn't it too funny? Happy to discover your blog ;)


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