Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

I'm not in anyway a professional photographer.  I have a very basic Kodak digital camera, and have only recently discovered the Micro function on it... So I don't ever expect my photos to be anywhere near awesome. 

This weeks Gallery theme is My Awesome Photo.  I've never really taken "awesome" photos, but there are a couple of photo's which I'm proud of.  Most of them are scenic, but this one is my favourite:

I can't tell you if it is technically awesome.  But here's why I think it's awesome:

It was taken in my favourite place in autumn time. The colours are just magical.

It has my favourite tree in it.  It looks like a hand, bending its fingers, beckoning you onwards.
The Tree is bathed in lovely afternoon sunlight.
The path looks like it goes on and on forever.
Every time I look at it, it takes me back to the day I took it, and makes me feel peaceful and calm.

So that's my photo.  Why not check out the other entries over at the Sticky Fingers blog?


  1. I'd love to have that as a canvas on my wall. Stunning!

  2. wow that is a beautiful photo... truly awesome!

  3. It does have a lot going for it! beautiful

  4. Thanks guys. It may just have been one of those flukey moments, but it is gorgeous.x

  5. Is that on the trail at Calderglen? It's lovely x

  6. Defiantly awesome. I love the way the path leads you in to the photo and the trees fingers, it's an amazing photo.


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