Monday, 12 December 2011

36 weeks

My bump seems to have just grown magically since I finished up for maternity leave.  Whether that's due to the baby taking a massive stretch over the last week, or very forgiving work uniforms (may be the latter, as some of the doctors I work with still hadn't realised that I'm pregnant by the time I left).  Little Bean likes to move around, a lot, especially in the evening/night time.  Sometimes it feels like it's trying to make an escape by stretching into my ribcage, which is quite irritating, but in a nice way.

I've had a relatively uneventful pregnancy so far.  I've had no sickness, in fact I've not been ill at all, and I've had no days off work.  I finished up last Friday for maternity leave, and only now am I beginning to feel glad that I'm not there.  I feel slow and heavy, and I get tired easily, which isn't good on a busy ward.  I've had no cravings.  I've not even been that hungry, and when I do eat I feel full so quickly, but I'm making sure I eat small and often.  People keep asking if I'm nervous, or excited, or panicking, but to be honest, I'm as calm as a Hindu cow.  Nothing seems to be phasing me just now.

Leggings are my wardrobe staple at the moment.  I've never been a fan, but I am so grateful for them just now, as they're the only item of clothing I am comfortable in. 

And it's the work's Christmas night out on Friday, so I'm using it as an opportunity to get pampered, and may even get my hair cut... But we'll see.  I bought a nice maternity dress from New Look so I'll just dress it up with some sparkly accessories and shoes. 

Hubby is beginning to stress ever so slightly.  He thinks we're not organised, mostly because I haven't packed a hospital bag yet.  I have bits and pieces but not all together.  I don't see the point because the things I'm yet to put in are things I need just now!   But we are more organised than he realises.  The cot and stuff are at his mother's house, our gorgeous pram is getting delivered on Wednesday, and there are bits and pieces scattered around my parents house too.  My lovely colleague gave us a moses basket that her daughter had bought but didn't want, so all wee need for that is bedding. It's all coming together. 

We had our last ante natal class last week too.  This was the only one that the partners were allowed to come to, and it was good, we could have done with having the partners there for the previous three classes too.  It was great as it taught hubby how to massage my back and shoulders, which I definitely need to get him to practise, you know in preparation, not purely for my benefit (hehe).

So, we're getting there.  Will we be this calm in 3 weeks time? Who knows...

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