Thursday, 24 November 2011

Old Photos

I love old photographs, and recently my mum acquired my Grandad's old slides.  My dad bought a fancy, shmancy device that we can use to put the slides on to the computer. 

So my mum and I have been faithfully transferring the slides onto the computer.  I estimate we have transferred around 400 so far, and there are 4 or 5 boxes still to go.

It's amazing being able to see family who I'd heard about, but never met, and to discover those we didn't know about.

So far we've found slides from when my mum and Uncle John were very young, lots of photos of when my aunt was a baby, a trip to Germany in 1974, when my mum and dad got engaged, their wedding in 1975, my aunt and uncles wedding in 1980, and my grandparents trip to Hong Kong when they went out to visit my aunt who was working with the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra.

It's fascinating to look how different life was, what fashions were like, even the old buses are amazing!! I'm desperate to get copies of all the photos, but I was able to email myself only a few of my favourites last night:

My "old" Gran and Grandad.  This must have been at a Sunday School trip. They are our "old" Gran and Grandad because they were both over 75 when my sister and I were born.

My "young" Gran and Grandad.  It's this grandad who the slides belonged to.  This is in the back garden of their house.  My gran is so like my mum.

My Mum with her little sister.  There were 15 years between my mum and my aunt, which caused many people to assume that my mum was her mum!   My mum looks very like my gran here.

Young Gran and Grandad again, this time at a family wedding.  I love my grans coat. They always look so smart! 

And again, this time in Germany in 1974.  I LOVE my Grans dress here, so 70's!! And I think she made it herself. 

All the grandparents together, at my mum and dad's wedding in 1975.  My Old Grandad was always that dapper looking. He never left the house without a shirt and tie on.  And my sister still covets my Old Grans coat.

And lastly, one to embarrass my sister and my parents.  This is my Mum, Dad and sister at my Uncle John's wedding in 1980.

Thankfully, we've not come across any of me, but I expect there are a couple somewhere. I can't wait to be able to make an album out of all of these!

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