Monday, 3 October 2011


I am aware that it's still only October, but last night my husband broke the news to me that he's going to participate in Mo-vember this year.  In case you don't know, Mo-vember is where men are sponsored to grow a moustache (and keep it) during the month of November, to raise awareness and money for male cancers, specifically the Prostate Cancer Charity. 

Last year, I sponsored a few friends taking part in Movember and wrote about it here.  Male cancer is an issue close to my heart, because my dad has prostate cancer.  He's much better now, and he volunteers with the Prostate Cancer Charity to help raise awareness to other men.   

So I'm going to have to live with hubby's moustache for a whole month. Here's a photo of him pre-moustache. 

To ease my suffering, and that of prostate cancer sufferers like my dad, please sponsor him here, or to simply donate to the Prostate Cancer Charity, please click here.

And I will be posting regular photo's of his growing 'tache through the month of November!

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