Monday, 17 October 2011

In which I attempt pockets.

The great thing about being able to knit, is being able to knit things for children.  Being pregnant, I'm loving looking at all the little baby knit patterns available.  My only trouble is I'm not that experienced a knitter, and many of the patterns that I love are quite complicated! 

However, after a browse through the free patterns available on the Lion Brand website, I came across this one.  Fairly easy looking, although I have never attempted a cardigan which I have to sew up.  I'm used to picking patterns that are knit all in one go.  This pattern also has pockets, which I have definitely never tried.  I had some left over Robin Aran with Wool in oatmeal, which I thought would make for a lovely chunky warm cardigan.

It turned out a little bigger than I expected, but then, I never checked my gauge (silly I know!). But it still looks quite good. 

All ready to be sewn up

And with buttons!

What do you think?

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