Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pregnancy so far...

So I'm now 25 weeks pregnant, and it's all going pretty well so far. 

I still don't think I look particularly pregnant, only heavier, almost like I did before I lost weight. I've not stepped on the scales for a few weeks (what's the point really!) but I know I'm back over 13 stone. 

Those who know I'm pregnant tell me I'm getting bigger. Those who don't know can't seem to tell. It's weird, I don't have the obvious bump. Probably because I was kinda heavy to start with.  I can't fit into any of my clothes now though, and have ordered my maternity uniforms for work.  I'm surviving with one pair of maternity jeans, a pair of black trousers, and leggings and baggy tops.  I refuse to pay over the odds for maternity wear that I'm only going to wear for the next 3 months, and I'm just wearing bigger tops.  It's hard to find stores that sell maternity clothes that are just casual anyway, mostly it's things like skirts and shirts for work, or fancy dresses. 

Work is becoming a bit annoying because they won't let me do things like turn the patients, or anything that involves moving and handling in any way.  Makes me feel like I'm not doing my job.  So I've been relegated to the "easier" tasks like the ward rounds, the drug rounds, basically anything that doesn't involve physically moving patients.   I'm so easily tired now though, so the 12 hours shifts are becoming a bit of a killer.  Night shift is a bit easier, surprisingly.  On the plus side, my colleagues have stopped telling me I look pale all the time.  Pregnancy must be giving me some colour in my cheeks!  My maternity leave application is in, so hopefully will be finishing up at the start of December.  My colleagues are saying I planned this deliberately so I could get Christmas and New Year off, but this will be the first time in five years that i've not worked either Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day, or New Years Eve, Day and the 2nd of January.  So I'm really looking forward to it!!

Baby is moving about a bit, which still feels weird, and I keep getting a wee fright each time it happens. Feels like I'm being poked in the stomach from the inside. It must be doing somersaults in there!

I don't have any weird cravings and I've not been ill, give or take the odd migraine or two. 

We don't have any names picked out yet.  We've banded a couple of names about, and there's a couple that we agree on.  I guess we just have to wait to see if it's a boy or a girl and what name acually suits the baby.  The only thing we've agreed on is a middle name, which will be hubby's dads name (his dad died when he was young). 

(Although, I was watching Stephen Fry's Planet Word the other night and there was a little girl called Twyla on it.  Ruled that name out right away, it just doesn't suit a wee Scottish baby.  But then there was also a man on it who only communicated with his infant child in Klingon, so I wonder where they find the people to appear on these shows...)

So far, it's all been good (touch wood) and hopefully the next three months are as uneventful!!

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