Thursday, 28 July 2011


Sorry I've been away for so long.  I have participated in a few Silent Sunday's and The Gallery, but I realise this is my first "proper" post since the start of June.  

In that time we have found out that I'm pregnant!  I am currently 16 and a bit weeks along.  Hubby is super happy (as am I) and we're both really looking forward to having a little baby version of us in the world.  A mini-version of us... scary!

It is a scary prospect.  We are being bombarded with so much information; breast feeding, what kind of birth to have, what to eat, what to buy... it's becoming a bit overwhelming.  At work, when I told my Senior that I was pregnant, her first question was "you're definitely coming back to work though, right?" Closely followed by, "who's going to look after it when you're at work, have you got childcare sorted?".  Eh?? I'm still coming to grips with the fact that hubby and I are going to be solely responsible for a tiny little helpless thing, I've not even begun thought about childcare yet!!

I will be going back to work though.  I've already told hubby if anyone's giving up their job, it's him, haha!   I love my job, and I am the highest earner in our house at the moment.  Neither of us will have to give up our jobs, and we've got a wee while to sort out a contingency plan.  

At work however, I'm being treated as though I'm an invalid.  I'm not allowed to help turn, roll, move or transfer patients, lift laundry, push trollies, etc.  Also not allowed to go into patients who have TB or shingles, or escort patients to x-ray (which I understand).  It's terribly frustrating.  These are all important parts of my job!  I just want to get on with it.  I don't feel incapable, I don't even have much of a bump, so it's not openly obvious that I'm pregnant (although everyone at work now knows).  I suppose I just don't want my colleagues to think I'm being lazy/workshy. 

Anyways.  I shall stop ranting.

I have started some baby knitting.  I've so far made a newborn cardigan, and I'm ploughing through a little blanket using some left over yarn, in an attempt to de-stash.  I will try and post some photos soon.


  1. Lovely lovely news! Enjoy being pregnant and all the fuss that you get.

  2. Aww can't wait to see the knitting x

  3. I've just caught up with this post (went looking after seeing your Gallery entry!) - Congratulations!! You must be so excited! I hope you're feeling well and healthy. We're only a few weeks different :) x


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