Thursday, 23 June 2011

Three Word Gallery: Bon Jovi Concert

As usual I am late to The Gallery, (please Miss, I'm sorry, I have a note from my parents!) but since I've not participated for a while, I'm sure I can be forgiven. 

I do have a reason for entering late.  I was waiting for last night. 

Yesterday, my husband, my sister and I travelled through to Edinburgh to see one of the best bands ever in concert:

Ahh Bon Jovi!

One hour of walking.  Six hours of standing. Another 45 minutes walking.

My feet and legs are killing me.

My voice is a little* bit hoarse.  (*very)

It rained a little.

But it was all totally worth it!

They give some of the best live performances I've ever seen.  And since they have a massive back catalogue of songs, their concerts are always unique.  That's the third time I've seen them in concert.  My sister has seen them four or five times, and my husband has lost count of the times he's seen them.  I cannot wait to see them in concert again. 

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  1. Looks like fun. I've never been to a big concert before. x


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