Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Two weeks off work and I've acheived...

...well, nothing to be honest. 

My husband and I have both had two weeks annual leave.  I had planned to go a day trip here, a day trip there, but the rubbish weather, being skint, and other stuff has kind of put paid to that. 

Family issues on my husbands side have left him dealing with his mum and gran, while his brother jetted off on a "surprise" holiday to Turkey for two weeks at very short notice.  Great timing, as usual. 

My plans for being able to go a day trip here, a day trip there were scuppered as hubby has had to be on hand for his mum, taking her to work, picking her up, taking her shopping. *sigh*

I've spent most of my time sitting on the sofa.  I know daytime TV off by heart.  My routine seems to be The Wright Stuff, Judge Judy, Two and a Half Men, and the News.  Intermingled with a bit of Twitter and Facebook.  I've not even done much knitting.  I've turned into a total couch potato.

In the first week, I couldn't sleep.  I would be able to sleep until about 2am, then I was wide awake from then on.  It's so frustrating when hubby is snoring away next to you and you can't get to sleep.  I ended up sleeping through the day.  Thankfully I've got over that, and I'm sleeping much better.

We've ventured out to the cinema, and went to a race night for a friend's wee boy's football club, which was such a good laugh. 

We managed to go through to Fife to visit my gran for a wee while. 

It just feels like we've wasted a good two weeks.  

I've ate rubbish.  I feel rubbish.  And I can't actually wait to get back to work tomorrow night.

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