Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Saturday Jaunts: Newcastle

My husband and I have been rather boring of late.  We both work shifts; he does a week of earlies and a week of lates, I do 12 hours shifts which have no set pattern and change week to week.  So, when we do have a rare day that we are both off together, we're too tired to do anything and just potter around in the house.  Our Saturdays together usually consist of watching Soccer Saturday, then crap Saturday Night TV.

We're both getting pretty bored with that, so last week we decided that once a month we'll make the effort to get up and go somewhere, anywhere, to try and reduce our boredom and see a bit more of our part of the world.

Hubby decided on Newcastle, as it's only a couple of hours drive away, and doable in one day.

So we  got up bright and early on Saturday and set off at 9am, armed with some juice and a snack for the journey and the radio for company! 

The road ahead

On the way a friend suggested (via facebook) that we try and go to the Newcastle v Wolves game.  We were able to phone up and get tickets (ah the joys of the iPhone) and pick them up when we got there.  I feel this may have been hubby's intention all along, (he has a soft spot for Newcastle Utd FC) but I love football so I was really up for that!

It was a beautiful sunny day as we arrived about 11.30am, and we wandered through the town for a while, trying to find our way about.  We picked up our tickets from the stadium, which is right in the centre of town, and then made our way for some lunch.  We found a nice little pub called The Northumberland Arms, which is underground! Their food is all locally sourced and home cooked and was absolutely gorgeous! I had vegetable soup while hubby had their ultimate burger.

The Northumberland Arms: Small but perfect.

Hubby enjoying a pint :)

After lunch we made our way to the football.  We saw a very exciting game, which ended 4-1.

And we still had time to enjoy the sunshine afterwards:

Sadly we didn't have enough time to go exploring, as I was working the next day.  I'd love to go down to the Old Town and see the historic parts of Newcastle and surroundings, particularly the Castle Keep and Hadrians Wall.

Maybe next time!

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