Monday, 18 April 2011

Saturday Jaunts: Blair Drummond Safari Park

Since hubby and I are making more of an effort to get out and about when we have some time together, we're taking little trips on Saturdays.  A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Newcastle.  This Saturday we went to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

I remember going there when I was very young, I think it was on a Sunday School outing.  Hubby had never been.

It was well worth the £12.50 admission cost.  We didn't even get round everything there was to do! It is very much directed towards children, and we don't have children, but as Hubby and I are big kids we had a good time anyway!

The animal reserves are my favourite part.  We got to drive around the reserves and see the animals up close. 

I love how he looks almost cartoon-like!

Rhinos make me think of dinosaurs.  I wonder if they are distant relatives of the Triceratops?

Shhh! It's nap time in the Lions Den.

The babies are so cute

I love how old elephants look.  This one was walking backwards at the time of the photo, and he kept walking backwards all the way down the hill.  Maybe he just couldn't be bothered to turn round?

Taking shade.

We then took a ride on the boat round Chimpanzee Island.  There are three on the island, a mother and son and daughter.  They are beautiful.  Although, we did watch the male try to catch and eat a partridge! Man they are LOUD!

After Chimp Island, we took a little walk round the Lemur enclosure.  These tiny little things are so cute!

And there was even a grouse hiding in their part of the park!

We then headed over to the sea lion show.

We didn't have enough time to go to the Birds of Prey enclosure, or see the meerkats, and I can't believe I missed the penguins (they're my favourite!).  And I was really hoping to go and do a bit of a nosy and see what this big house was all about:

We can't wait to go back, as there is so much more to see and do.  There is a large barbecue area, picnic area, and adventure area which is TECHNICALLY for kids, but I was still tempted to chuck them all off the swings and have a go myself. 

Perhaps when the weather is better, we will go and have a picnic with some friends, and explore the rest of the park!

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