Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Gallery: Some love for my mother!

The Gallery: Every Wednesday This week's theme for The Gallery is Mother Love.  Since all the photos from my childhood are still at my parents house, and I'm not a mum myself yet, I've kind of struggled with finding an appropriate photo. 

But then, yesterday was my mums 59th birthday.  Her birthday always falls near Mothers Day, posing me and my sister problems with coming up with two suitable gifts! Mum is currently recouperating from recent surgery for a knee replacement, and she's driving my dad mad as he's used to having the house to himself during the day!

My mum isn't glamorous or outgoing, she doesn't wear make up and has never drank alcohol.  She's an amazing nurse, and the reason I am a nurse too.  She's incredibly strong, and she was the one who first suspected my dad was ill, recognised the signs and symptoms and nudged him towards the doctors before he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  She's smart, caring, lovely, funny and she's taught me everything I've ever needed to know to survive life. 

And the best thing?  She's always there when I need her.

Happy Birthday Mum!

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  1. You Mum sounds like a real gem. Your love for her is very apparent in these few pictures and your words.


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