Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery: My Blog

This weeks theme for Tara Cain's The Gallery is My Blog. 

I have really struggled with the theme this week.  What is my blog about? To be honest I'm not really sure.  I don't have a theme, I post little bits and pieces of everything.

But mostly my blog is about this:

I started my blog as a way of tracking my progress now that I've started to knit again.  Also as a way of passing time on my days off work. 
I know what my blog is not:  It's not geared towards one thing.  It's not organised, professional, or beautifully written. But it is mine.  My little place where I can go to rant about work, log my latest knitting project, join in with Silent Sunday and The Gallery, and moan when no one else will listen.

I'm aware that not a lot of people visit my blog.  Knitting isn't for everyone after all, and I'm not the best writer.  I don't have kids to write about, or a fascinating job.  I've not had an exciting life or challenging times.  My life is terribly ordinary.  But my blog is for me, and no one else.  Maybe it will one day develop into something a bit more meaningful, a bit more personal, full of life and personality.

But for now, everything is just wooly.

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  1. A blog that is consistently, unswervingly one's own is a great blog - good for you.

    Beautiful pictures - wish I was so crafty as you!

  2. I so need to get my knitting mojo back


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