Sunday, 27 March 2011

Short Trip to Stirling

Hubby and I took a short drive to Stirling on Thursday, to officially test drive his new car (excuses excuses).

I love Stirling.  It's full of history, has a beautiful castle, and has amazing landscapes. 

We arrived around about 5.30pm, just as the light was beginning to fade.  I love that kind of dusky light that starts to creep in before it gets properly dark. 

We parked up at the castle and went for a walk.  I always have my camera handy, and I know I'm not the best photographer but I like to document our little trips.

I was almost tempted to knock!

This is one spooky building.  It was a hospital at one point. The figure of the man above the door is the founder of the hospital, and legend has it that when the clock strikes midnight on Hogmany, he comes down from his post and dances in the courtyard!

We then took a wee walk round the graveyard just below the castle.  It's a very beautiful, very old graveyard.  I grew up walking round graveyards with my dad; wherever we went on holiday he went looking for WW1 war graves.  But graveyards still freak me out. 

So hubby had to pee.  And silly me said I'll wait here while you go.

So I waited.
In the middle of an eerily quiet graveyard.
At dusk.
In a graveyard.
In a graveyard.


At the top of a little hill in the graveyard was this little slice of heaven:

And the view was gorgeous:

Thankfully hubby wasn't too long, as it was starting to get really dark, and it was very, very quiet.

We started to head back up to the castle as the bats started to come out.  I learned something new about hubby: he is petrified of bats!  I was told not to take any photos of them, as they attack or something because of the flash of the camera (think he was trying to get me to hurry up and get away from them!).

The view up to the castle is just beautiful. 

As is the view from the castle down:

We really need to go back to Stirling in the summer time, and during the day.  I've not been in Stirling Castle since I was very very small, and I don't remember much about it.  The Old Jail is now opening again in April, so that would make an excellent tour!

So much history to explore :)

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  1. I think your photos are great! I must visit Stirling one of these days..


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