Thursday, 3 March 2011

Six little Easter chicks all in a row....

I've been working on some little chicks for Easter.  My gran used to knit these at Easter for church craft fairs and such like.  I wanted to keep the little tradition going, so I've started making them to sell in my Folksy Shop.

They start off a bit blank

But then when you add eyes, a beak and a bit of ribbon:

They are pretty cute and soon you'll have a whole big family:

 And the best thing about them? They just might lay a Chocolate Egg!!

 Why not check them out in my Folksy Shop, Cosy Knits?


  1. I've knit those for the school before. So easy, quick and cute :)

  2. Have you thought about contacting Cadburys? The chicks are like the little hats for Innocent Smoothies!

  3. Wow! I really want to to learn to knit. You've inspired me...going to find the needles I bought last year right now...


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