Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Gallery: Trees

This weeks theme for Tara Cain's Gallery is Trees. 

I am very lucky that I live next to a nature trail, as I've spoken about before.  I love interesting trees.  Some are tall and skinny, some are short and thick, some are spiky, sparse and barren, some intricate, in full bloom and woven in around other branches. 

So here are some of my interesting trees:

I love how this one almost looks like a hand!

Why not check out the other entries over at Sticky Fingers?


  1. Such great pictures. The shapes are just amazing - especially in the 'hand' tree!

  2. What gorgeous photos! Where were they taken? There are some really interesting shapes in the bottom one :)

  3. They were taken on the Historic Trail in Calderglen Park. We live a 30 second walk to the end of the trail. It's lovely. And it changes so much through the seasons.


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