Monday, 21 March 2011

Feeling good! Kinda...

Sorry if this is a bit long and rambly!!

I'm feeling quite good about life these days.

We have been married a year (and a day!) and we've never been in as good a place as we are now.  We are still very much in love (soppy I know)!  We both have stable jobs, and hubby has received his "banding" pay rise, which means he will get a small amout of back money paid to him, and a slight pay rise, which will make such a difference to us!!  The only drawback is we both work horrible shifts; I work 12 hour shifts (days and nights) and my rota changes week to week.  Hubby works 6am-2pm one week, and 2pm-10pm the next.

We have a lovely little house which, even though we've been in it for 2 years, is coming along nicely.  We only have one room left to decorate, and to be honest, that can wait. 

I'm finally feeling healthier, after starting Weight Watchers (again!). I've been doing Weight Watchers on and off since I was 18, when I was at my heaviest.  And although I'm not heavy, I'm definitely not at the healthiest weight.  I put on over a stone after we got married (contentment, my colleagues call it) and if I can shift that, plus a little bit more, I'll be very happy with that.  As of today I've lost 12lbs!

And my little knitting shop on Folksy is up and running, and though I've only make a couple of sales, I'm enjoying keeping the items on it stocked up.

And yet recently I've been catching up with friends on Facebook etc, and I can't help but feel like everyone else has "better" lives than us.  Other couples have kids and have regular 9-5 jobs, and have lovely family days out.  Others who are single are free to jet off whenever they want, have great nights out, and fabulous holidays and have EVERY WEEKEND OFF!! Oh, how I wish I had my weekends!

Am I jealous? A little.  I fear this is the problem with Facebook.  No-one seems to put the negative things about their day to day lives, only the good, positive things.

But I love the life I have.  And if I had the power to change it, I don't think I would (except maybe the weekends thing!).

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