Monday, 21 March 2011

Believe Handmade

As you are now all probably aware (and sick of me posting about it) it was my first anniversary on Sunday.

As the first is "paper" I wanted a really lovely handmade card to give hubby, one that we will be able to keep.

I asked my friend Olwyn, who goes to the same church as I, and who makes absolutely beautiful handmade cards.

Here is the one she made for me:

I love the little cut out heart!

And the inside (I've cut off the bottom in the picture, no-one needs to see the soppy thing I've written lol):

I really love the card, and it has made our anniversary so very special, and a big thanks to Olwyn for her time and attention on the card.  It really is very beautiful!

Why not check out Olwyns website here?

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