Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Gallery: Hair!


As you can see I was born a redhead...
...and I wouldn't have it any other way!!  I should point out that I am the only redhead in my family.  My sister and mum have dark brown hair, and my dad is pure white now, but when he was younger had brown hair too.    
 When I was very little, lots of people would comment on what a lovely colour my hair was.  And they were right, it is rather lovely.  I never thought this way when I was younger, as I was teased for being "ginger", although my hair is more auburn than ginger.  I got called names at school like Tizer, Irn Bru, Carrot Top, all the usual ones.  

I've never thought of dyeing it, it would feel so wrong  I'm so pale I wouldn't suit any other colour of hair!  People pay lots of money to get their hair the same colour of mine, so dye is not an option for me.  

It does go lighter in the sun, but now that I'm a bit older, there are some white hairs creeping in.

But I don't care! I am Ginger and Proud!!

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Short Trip to Stirling

Hubby and I took a short drive to Stirling on Thursday, to officially test drive his new car (excuses excuses).

I love Stirling.  It's full of history, has a beautiful castle, and has amazing landscapes. 

We arrived around about 5.30pm, just as the light was beginning to fade.  I love that kind of dusky light that starts to creep in before it gets properly dark. 

We parked up at the castle and went for a walk.  I always have my camera handy, and I know I'm not the best photographer but I like to document our little trips.

I was almost tempted to knock!

This is one spooky building.  It was a hospital at one point. The figure of the man above the door is the founder of the hospital, and legend has it that when the clock strikes midnight on Hogmany, he comes down from his post and dances in the courtyard!

We then took a wee walk round the graveyard just below the castle.  It's a very beautiful, very old graveyard.  I grew up walking round graveyards with my dad; wherever we went on holiday he went looking for WW1 war graves.  But graveyards still freak me out. 

So hubby had to pee.  And silly me said I'll wait here while you go.

So I waited.
In the middle of an eerily quiet graveyard.
At dusk.
In a graveyard.
In a graveyard.


At the top of a little hill in the graveyard was this little slice of heaven:

And the view was gorgeous:

Thankfully hubby wasn't too long, as it was starting to get really dark, and it was very, very quiet.

We started to head back up to the castle as the bats started to come out.  I learned something new about hubby: he is petrified of bats!  I was told not to take any photos of them, as they attack or something because of the flash of the camera (think he was trying to get me to hurry up and get away from them!).

The view up to the castle is just beautiful. 

As is the view from the castle down:

We really need to go back to Stirling in the summer time, and during the day.  I've not been in Stirling Castle since I was very very small, and I don't remember much about it.  The Old Jail is now opening again in April, so that would make an excellent tour!

So much history to explore :)

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sharing the Love! Liebster Award

I have been tagged by the very lovely OverTheHillMum to take part in the Leibster Blog award!

It is for people with like me with ‘little’ blogs (less than 300 subscribers) to share blog love and spread the word.

The rules are:

1. Post displaying the award, linking back to the person who awarded you
2. Choose your own blog picks and let them know they’re awarded
3. Hope everyone discovers some new favourites

4. Revel in the blog love!

So I'm passing on the love to the following folk:

Mother Hen

A Knitting Nurse

Jolly Jillys

Please check out their blogs!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Gallery: Education

This weeks theme for the Gallery is "Education". As I hate every single photo from my school days, I have opted for my college graduation.

I apologise now for the poor quality of photo. I have no scanner, so it's a photo of a photo :(

(I have to admit, I kinda felt like a Wizard in those robes!!)

And introducing the Class of 2006!!

Can you spot me?

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Believe Handmade

As you are now all probably aware (and sick of me posting about it) it was my first anniversary on Sunday.

As the first is "paper" I wanted a really lovely handmade card to give hubby, one that we will be able to keep.

I asked my friend Olwyn, who goes to the same church as I, and who makes absolutely beautiful handmade cards.

Here is the one she made for me:

I love the little cut out heart!

And the inside (I've cut off the bottom in the picture, no-one needs to see the soppy thing I've written lol):

I really love the card, and it has made our anniversary so very special, and a big thanks to Olwyn for her time and attention on the card.  It really is very beautiful!

Why not check out Olwyns website here?

Feeling good! Kinda...

Sorry if this is a bit long and rambly!!

I'm feeling quite good about life these days.

We have been married a year (and a day!) and we've never been in as good a place as we are now.  We are still very much in love (soppy I know)!  We both have stable jobs, and hubby has received his "banding" pay rise, which means he will get a small amout of back money paid to him, and a slight pay rise, which will make such a difference to us!!  The only drawback is we both work horrible shifts; I work 12 hour shifts (days and nights) and my rota changes week to week.  Hubby works 6am-2pm one week, and 2pm-10pm the next.

We have a lovely little house which, even though we've been in it for 2 years, is coming along nicely.  We only have one room left to decorate, and to be honest, that can wait. 

I'm finally feeling healthier, after starting Weight Watchers (again!). I've been doing Weight Watchers on and off since I was 18, when I was at my heaviest.  And although I'm not heavy, I'm definitely not at the healthiest weight.  I put on over a stone after we got married (contentment, my colleagues call it) and if I can shift that, plus a little bit more, I'll be very happy with that.  As of today I've lost 12lbs!

And my little knitting shop on Folksy is up and running, and though I've only make a couple of sales, I'm enjoying keeping the items on it stocked up.

And yet recently I've been catching up with friends on Facebook etc, and I can't help but feel like everyone else has "better" lives than us.  Other couples have kids and have regular 9-5 jobs, and have lovely family days out.  Others who are single are free to jet off whenever they want, have great nights out, and fabulous holidays and have EVERY WEEKEND OFF!! Oh, how I wish I had my weekends!

Am I jealous? A little.  I fear this is the problem with Facebook.  No-one seems to put the negative things about their day to day lives, only the good, positive things.

But I love the life I have.  And if I had the power to change it, I don't think I would (except maybe the weekends thing!).

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My first ever Silent Sunday post!

Silent Sunday

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 1st wedding anniversary.

It's very hard to believe that this time last year we were preparing to walk down the aisle. At my mum and dad's house my father was fretting about his speech, the popper on my best friends bridesmaid dress had broken, and I was keeping my nerves under wraps.

At my mother in laws house, my husbands hair had thankfully grown in a bit (after an almost disastrous crew cut earlier in the week), was donning his kilt and downing a quick whisky as a toast to his dad, who I'm sure he wished was here for his big day. His dad passed away 19 years ago, and I really wish I would have got to meet him.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the ceremony seemed to go by in a flash! 

We had our photos taken by my lovely friend Donald in my old local park.

Our reception was wonderful. Everyone we love was there, and there was dancing and lots and lots of laughter!

We have been together 5 years now. I love you more and more each day. Happy Anniversary darling. xxxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just want to share:

I've been rather busy this week, what with work, my fathers 65th birthday, knitting commitments and other things. 

I've not been able to stop listening to this song, after hearing it sung live in concert last week.

The video isn't up to much, but just wanted to share:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Gallery: Trees

This weeks theme for Tara Cain's Gallery is Trees. 

I am very lucky that I live next to a nature trail, as I've spoken about before.  I love interesting trees.  Some are tall and skinny, some are short and thick, some are spiky, sparse and barren, some intricate, in full bloom and woven in around other branches. 

So here are some of my interesting trees:

I love how this one almost looks like a hand!

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Friday, 11 March 2011

One Word

I'm awfully late to the Gallery this week, due to my shifts falling on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

The theme this week is One Word.  Most people that know me know that I can never usually stick to just one word!!

But my word is:

This is part of a photo frame that sits on a shelf in our living room.  I'm yet to fill up all the spaces, but my 4 grandparents are there.

My official photo entry for the gallery is this one:

Two families, coming together, to create another.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Six little Easter chicks all in a row....

I've been working on some little chicks for Easter.  My gran used to knit these at Easter for church craft fairs and such like.  I wanted to keep the little tradition going, so I've started making them to sell in my Folksy Shop.

They start off a bit blank

But then when you add eyes, a beak and a bit of ribbon:

They are pretty cute and soon you'll have a whole big family:

 And the best thing about them? They just might lay a Chocolate Egg!!

 Why not check them out in my Folksy Shop, Cosy Knits?


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