Wednesday, 9 February 2011

iPad Covers

In an earlier post, I placed this picture...

...and quite a few people have been asking exactly what it is I'm making.

The answer is, an iPad cover.

As you probably know, I've been trying to de-stash my yarn collection.  And so I began making iPhone covers, and put them on Folksy to try and raise a bit of money from them.

Then, the lovely Susan, suggested I make an iPad cover after knitting her an iPhone cover.  The one I made for her was a trial, as I am not lucky enough to own an iPad, and I didn't know what size to make.  Thankfully it was a hit, and fits like a glove. 

So I have been busy making some more (thank goodness for breaks on 12 hour shifts!) and here are the results. 

There was an orange one, and a yellow one, but I've already given those to friends, and forgot to get a picture of them (d'oh!).

My favourite is the striped one!


They're all available at my Folksy store (link here), and if anyone wants one, just give me shout.  I have a huge range of colours, and I'll try to match it as much as I can.

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