Monday, 14 February 2011

Another walk in the Glen

My hubby and I are both off work this week. Since it's Valentines day, what better way to spend it than being together (soppy, I know haha)! Today we went a walk round Calderglen Country Park. 

I love going round the nature trails they have there, and there's one that ends very close to our house. This time though, we took the car and went to the children's zoo.

They have some amazing animals there:

They also have a 600 year old tree (although the card says it could be over 1000 years, but they only have records from 600 years ago - amazing!)

We also went a walk round the castle grounds and through some of the trail.  We had all four seasons in about three hours! It was nice and sunny at the cafe.  By the time we got down to the water, it was heavy rain/sleet!  Only in Scotland.

I want to live in this house!

I do love an interesting branch!

Hubby on the rickety bridge.

Us, before the rain!

Hubby was freezing!  It was heavy sleet though.

One curvy tree, amongst many straight ones.

If we were to follow the water all the way down, for about 3.5 kilometers, we would be back down near our house!  I might attempt that walk some day...

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