Saturday, 19 February 2011


This weeks gallery theme is Expressions. 

My friends and I don't half pull some faces in front of the camera!

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Coffee Morning Success

Today was our church's coffee morning/bake sale to raise funds for the new building.  There was a quality goods stall, and my friends Donald and Thomas had a stall selling their amazing photographs.  Their photos are just lovely, (it was Donald who was my wedding photographer) and they raised quite a bit of money.

I had a little stall there selling my iPhone and iPad covers.  It was really good, I sold a few covers and got an order for a Kindle cover!  Was also asked to make a throw for a friend too.   I'm quite excited! (is that sad?)
I spent most of my morning being fed cakes and coffee (that's the best part of knitting!!) and chatting away to folks. 


I still have a lot of iPhone and iPad covers for sale in my Folksy shop.  If you would like one, please pop on over to my shop, or if you would one in a specific colour, please get in touch via the comments.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Gallery: Togetherness

This weeks theme for the Gallery is Togetherness.

My other half and I met 5 years ago.

In 33 days we will have been married for 1 whole year. Time flies!

This is us celebrating the start of our "official" togetherness:

There's a cheesy song by Frankie Avalon that goes like this:

Two hearts are better than one
Four lips are sweeter than two
Come close to me
Lets kiss and see
What togetherness can do.

Two dreams are better than one dream
Four arms can make them come true
Let's pool our love
Follow the school
Of togetherness right through

There's strength in numbers
Everybody knows
Between us we'll have
Twenty fingers, twenty toes
No one should ever be lonely
No one should ever be blue
Love's not for one
It's made for two
So togetherness, find togetherness for two.

Let's pool our love
Follow the rule
Of togetherness right through

There's strength in numbers
Everybody knows
Between us we'll have
Twenty fingers, twenty toes

No one should ever be lonely
No one should ever be blue
Love's not for one
It's made for two
So togetherness, try togetherness for two.

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Making Progress: Easy Adult Sweater

Yesterday I spend 3 solid hours, knitting 20 rows. Phew! This is taking a long time, but I'm really enjoying it and it's beginning to take shape now:

As it is knit all in one piece, I've completed the neck, and I'm just beginning to knit the back now:

Hopefully I'll be near completion by the end of the week!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Another walk in the Glen

My hubby and I are both off work this week. Since it's Valentines day, what better way to spend it than being together (soppy, I know haha)! Today we went a walk round Calderglen Country Park. 

I love going round the nature trails they have there, and there's one that ends very close to our house. This time though, we took the car and went to the children's zoo.

They have some amazing animals there:

They also have a 600 year old tree (although the card says it could be over 1000 years, but they only have records from 600 years ago - amazing!)

We also went a walk round the castle grounds and through some of the trail.  We had all four seasons in about three hours! It was nice and sunny at the cafe.  By the time we got down to the water, it was heavy rain/sleet!  Only in Scotland.

I want to live in this house!

I do love an interesting branch!

Hubby on the rickety bridge.

Us, before the rain!

Hubby was freezing!  It was heavy sleet though.

One curvy tree, amongst many straight ones.

If we were to follow the water all the way down, for about 3.5 kilometers, we would be back down near our house!  I might attempt that walk some day...

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

iPad Covers

In an earlier post, I placed this picture...

...and quite a few people have been asking exactly what it is I'm making.

The answer is, an iPad cover.

As you probably know, I've been trying to de-stash my yarn collection.  And so I began making iPhone covers, and put them on Folksy to try and raise a bit of money from them.

Then, the lovely Susan, suggested I make an iPad cover after knitting her an iPhone cover.  The one I made for her was a trial, as I am not lucky enough to own an iPad, and I didn't know what size to make.  Thankfully it was a hit, and fits like a glove. 

So I have been busy making some more (thank goodness for breaks on 12 hour shifts!) and here are the results. 

There was an orange one, and a yellow one, but I've already given those to friends, and forgot to get a picture of them (d'oh!).

My favourite is the striped one!


They're all available at my Folksy store (link here), and if anyone wants one, just give me shout.  I have a huge range of colours, and I'll try to match it as much as I can.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Easy Adult Sweater

In my continuing efforts to de-stash my wool collection, I've been working on the Easy Adult Sweater by Lionbrand. 

I'm using about 6 balls of mint green DK wool I found in my Grans stash when we were clearing out her house (thanks Gran!). The pattern is fairly simple, a little more complicated for me, since I'm just getting used to following patterns.

I cast on about 2 weeks ago and here's where I am so far:

I'm following the pattern to fit Large, since I'm a big lass, and I didn't quite anticipate the amount of stitches it would require!! 251 stitches on my 4.5mm needles!! Phew, it's a LOT of knitting and it feels like it takes a day to knit just one row.  The instructions do say to switch to circular needles (which I don't have) but I'm coping not bad on the straight ones.

I'm beginning to see it take shape now.  What I like about it, is that it is knit in one piece.  And I like the edging.  Simple, but it breaks it up. 

I'm currently working on the sleeves.  Hopefully it will turn out alright, and I'll try remember to post photo updates!  


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