Monday, 31 January 2011


It's been a very rough weekend at work, and I've never felt so stressed at work in a long time. 

It started on Friday, when a colleague and our ward Sister had a full blown, 7 hour long, argument in the middle of the ward.  In front of patients, doctors, physios, and students.  So unprofessional.  And it continued to bubble all day, until the night shift came in.

Then yesterday, I had to deal with two very serious complaints from patients against two different members of staff.   (Obviously I can't go into the details here, so sorry if this seems quite vague). 

I am not a senior member of staff, but as I was the oldest on duty, and had the most experience (a year more than my colleague) I was left to deal with it.  I had to involve the clinical coordinator for the hospital and had to phone my ward Sister at home, on a Sunday.  I can't help but feel bad, because these allegations are very serious, and may involve my colleagues being suspended, but my duty is to the patients.  What happened shouldn't have happened and could have had serious outcomes, and of course could have been avoided.  And it's not just one separate incident, it has been a series of issues that seems to have come to a head.

But yet I can't help feel that my colleagues are going to blame me, as it's my name that goes on the incident form. 

My poor husband has had to listen to me going over and over all the things I've written and done, so that I can vent and make sure everything I've done has been correct.  I don't want to be the one who has to give evidence in court!!

It has turned three 12 hour shifts into 3 14 hour ones, as I've had to stay late and not got home til well past 9.30pm each night, and I'm exhausted.  This morning I slept til well past 11am.  And it's still playing on my mind today.  I'm trying to de-stress; I've started knitting a jumper.  It's quite scary how quickly you can knit when you're taking your stress out on it!

At the end of the day, I've done everything I can.  I've passed it on to the management, I've completed all the appropriate documentation, and it's out of my hands now.

Here's hoping this week is a better one!!


  1. What a stressful thing to have to deal with. Is work normally ok? will it get back to 'normal' after all this is over?

  2. Work is usually great for me. Some colleagues have a few issues, that should have been resolved months ago but haven't been dealt with appropriately. And now it's all just came to a head. Hate it. None of it is to do with me, but because I was on duty when it's all exploded I'm now involved :( sucks. Hopefully it will all get dealt with. x


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