Saturday, 4 December 2010

My Knitted Nativity

I've probably spoken about my Gran before.  She's the best knitter I know, well she was until she developed diabetes, along with which came macular degeneration which made her blind, and eventually a bit of dementia.  She still knits a little bit, but mostly just socks, because these are things she can do without even thinking of the pattern!

Last year she went into a nursing home.  She's very happy there, the staff are great, and she's so much better now that she's living there with company and not on her own.  But it meant we had to do the sad thing of clearing out her house, and sell it.  We spent every Christmas there, from the time I was born, with the last Christmas spent there being 2008.  We never had a Christmas at home (my parents insisted that Santa didn't know our address, so took our presents to Grans instead!).  Christmas just isn't the same now.

I inherited a few things from my gran, mostly some of her amazing stash of knitting needles and excess wool that she had stashed away.  But the best thing has to be her knitted Christmas decorations.  She hand made every one of them.  Enjoy!


The two carol singers:

But my favourite has to be the knitted Nativity:

You have The 3 Kings:

The Shepherds and their Sheep:

And Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus:

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