Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My First Christmas Knitting!

This is the first year I have attempted knitting for Christmas presents.  I thought I'd start small, only making one gift to give this year, and I can work my way up for next year.

As my Gran-in-law is always complaining of a draft in her neck, I decided I'd make her a scarf.  However, she is one of those people who never likes anything she is given for Christmas and loves to return the things she gets (even things that she ASKED to get for Christmas!).  So I am running a bit of a risk, as if she hates it, she can't return it!

I chose to use this pattern, Shawl of Gratitude, as it's double sided, but I cast on less stitches, as I wanted more of a scarf than a shawl.  I used Robin Aran with Wool in Oatmeal.

The only challenge I faced was that the edges kept curling up , but a little bit of cool ironing with a damp cloth sorted that out.

I've added my little "knitted with love by" label, and hopefully she'll like it!

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