Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's the final countdown!!

Christmas Adverts in October and November really annoy me.  I think it hypes people up for an event that is still months away. (Even though the snow has made everywhere look VERY Christmassy!).  I don't usually officially start preparing for Christmas until the 1st of December. 

Now, just because it's the 1st today, I'm not rushing to get my Christmas tree up, or starting to wrap all the presents I've bought so far.  But I'm very excited to finally get my Advent Candle up. 

And what a perfect Christmassy background!!

You light the wick on the first of December and burn in down past the number 1.  Then blow it out.  And repeat until the 24th.  The shorter the candle gets, the closer it is to Christmas!  It's lovely just put the lights out and sit in the candlelight.

Now to dig out the White Christmas and Muppet's Christmas Carol DVDs!!
It lasts longer than a square of chocolate (although we have a chocolate one to share too!) and it's so much prettier. 

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