Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Gallery - White

For this weeks Gallery, Tara over at Sticky Fingers has chosen the theme "white". How appropriate!!  It certainly has been white in this part of the country over the last 24 hours, with over 8 inches of snow falling in 6 hours yesterday. 

The whole of Scotland just seemed to grind to a halt.  My husband didn't make it into work, abandoning the car just outside of our estate.  I was supposed to be night shift, and tried to get into work, but no buses, no taxi's, absolutely nothing was running.  Being a nurse, I felt to guilty that I couldn't get into work.  Three of my colleagues couldn't get home, so they pulled a double shift, and another colleague walked into work.  The whole country had just stopped.

Hubby and I took a walk up to the main road to see if any buses were running so I could get into work.  Outside was very eerie.  Streets that are usually so busy, and noisy, were serenely quiet.  Here was the scene on our main road:

So I know the gallery is supposed to be about taking one picture that captures the essence of the theme, but I'm SO indecisive and couldn't pick just one (I'm a Libran after all!).  I'm also a sucker for snow covered trees:

This last one is my favourite!!

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  1. Great photo's. I also was tempted to put a load on the post.I have so many snow photo's. I love looking at snow photo's it's the only compensation for it being such a pain to get around in.

  2. Yep. Must admit, the snow is becoming a right pain in the a*se now. Now that I'm older, and drive, and have my own house etc, it's not that great and just causes more worry!!

    But it's still so pretty....

  3. Lovely photos of the snow scenes in your area.I especially like the tree shots

  4. Beautiful pictures! Very Christmasey

  5. Really gorgeous pictures!

  6. So, so pretty. I wish we had snow...


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