Monday, 29 November 2010

Update 2: Extra Easy Cardigan

So, I had taken a little hiatus on working on my cardigan, and at one point made such a large mistake that I  had to rip it out and started again. 

But I'm glad to say I'm making progress and it's coming on quite quickly.

This is what it was looking like on the 27th November:

I did a little work on it on my break at work on Saturday night, and realised I didn't take my stitch holder so had to be creative and find a makeshift one:

A biro and some sellotape really does the trick!!

And here's what it looks like today (29th November):

I'm not the best photographer, so these photos may not be showing the best of the cardigan.  It's not that small either, the sides just wouldn't stay flat for the photo!!

The way I'm going, it may be finished by Wednesday, or Friday at the latest.

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  1. Well done. it looks like you have to pay attention to what you're doing. I tent to knit while watching tv in the evening and would probably be ripping out a lot of stitches for not paying attention!


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