Monday, 22 November 2010

The Gallery: Black and White.

We're now into the 36th week of the Gallery over at Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers blog.  The theme this time around is Black and White.

Now,  I'm so tempted to use some black and white photo's that I've taken over the past year or two.  I thought, I could use this one:

I took this one when I was on holiday in Mallorca with my sister in October last year. But then I remembered that I was experimenting with the black and white function on my camera last year when we went to London and thought, well what about this:

Hmm, I liked it, but wasn't sure. Then I remembered fiddling about with the camera when we were out and about in Edinburgh, and thought about these two:

And I like all these photos, but they're all of scenery, buildings and places.  BORING!

However, Tara did say it didn't necessarily have to be a black and white photo, and I began to think a little bit outside my box.  I mulled over a cup of coffee...

What's black and white? What's black and white and reeeeallly cute?

What's black, white, really cute and my favourite thing in the world?

And then it hit me:


So they're technically black, white and little yellow, but penguins are my favourite!

These little guys live in Sea World, Orlando.  Hubby and I took these photos on our honeymoon, and I had to be physically dragged out of the penguin section, as I could just watch them all day.  Penguins have been my favourite animal, ever since I was a little girl watching the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo.  Santa even brought me an adopted penguin a couple of years ago, and he lives in the Falklands. Very cute!

So that's my entry for the gallery this week.  Why not check out the other entries over at Sticky Fingers?


  1. Awesome penguins and the love the landscape and building shots too!

  2. Hooray penguins! Lovely pics! Love the sea and Edinburgh castle, fabulous x


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