Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Gallery: Before and After

This weeks Gallery theme over at Tara Cains Sticky Fingers Blog is "Before and After".  And I had just the pictures in mind.

I thought: if I'm going to embarrass myself, I'm taking my sister down with me!  

Me "Before"

Me "After" (26 years later)

Sis "Before"
Sis "After" (30 years later)

Us "Before"

Us "After"

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  1. The before and after of you two together is great!

  2. Thank you! We do become quite silly when we're together, haha x

  3. love it
    ps. my blog has moved to, come say hello
    xx Notes xx

  4. Haha, no Michelle not twins. My sister is 5 years older than me, but she looks 5 years younger than me!! Sometimes we do look alike, but she definitely looks like my dad and I look like my mum. Or so people say!x

  5. HI Lesley Ann

    You just commented on my blog and I must say I would LOVE to meet you somewhere. I really need a friend here. :-) If you're still interested please email me at neffie at gmail dot com.


  6. Gorgeous red hair too! Red is the way forward!


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