Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Gallery 34: Seasons

This weeks theme  for the Gallery over at Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers is Seasons.

I love autumn. There's something about that cold smell in the air, the frosty mornings, the sunshine reflecting on the changing colours of the trees. Autumn is always beautiful, and I am blessed to live in an area that is very scenic.

I recently went on a walk up the Calderwood Trail, and I have already shared some pictures I took there, so I shall repost some of my favourites.

However, my favourite season is definitely winter.  Snowy mornings, matt grey skies, getting to wrap up in hat scarf and gloves!  We had a very bad winter last year, and the forecast says we're to get another one this year. 

Why not check out the other entries over at The Gallery?


  1. Lovely pics especially the 2nd one with the sun's rays. Try as I might I've never quite managed to capture one of these photos!

  2. Love the leaves. (Great to have found a fellow knitter too).

  3. I love that second one, it is gorgeous!

  4. I love trees! The 2nd one is gorgeous and I really like the snow pictures as I haven't seen snow in over 10 years! :-( Great photo gallery!


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