Saturday, 6 November 2010


I love fireworks night.

It is tradition for my sister and I to go down to Glasgow Green and watch the fireworks display there.  Years ago, when we were very young, they used  to build a big bonfire in the middle of the Green, but sadly one year they built it over a gas main (numpties!) and they decided never to have another bonfire at the display again.

This year, I went with my sister and my husband. I love getting all wrapped up in my hat and scarf, wellies on, armouring myself against the weather, and trudging down to the Green.

But my favourite thing about fireworks night, is the smell that lingers in the air after all the fireworks are finished. That smokey, metallic, gunpowder smell.

Fireworks displays aren't what they used to be. Glasgows display this year was set to the music from Mamma Mia... no idea why, and the fireworks didn't even correspond to the music.  Nothing like the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom!!

I tried to get some good pictures. My new camera has a "fireworks" function, which is supposed to steady the camera to stop blurring.

And I got a video

Hope you all had a fabulous and safe Fireworks Night!

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