Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Gallery 37: Celebrations

This weeks theme over at Tara Cain's The Gallery is "Celebrations".
I could have re-hashed some photos of my wedding, as I only got married seven months ago.  But I've already used those as part of a previous gallery entry.

Four years ago, I was celebrating a different kind of milestone.  I graduated from College with a BSc in Nursing.  It was a great achievement for me, as I left school after 5th year and got a job, instead of going to University with the rest of my school friends.  I had worked in two Doctor's surgeries after school and during holidays, so became permanent there, working in 8am-12.30pm in one, and 1pm-6pm in the other.  It shaped my people skills, but I felt useless, trapped behind a desk.

When I was 20 I decided it was time to realise my dream of going into nursing, and enrolled in night school every Wednesday after work to gain my Higher in Human Biology.  I had always toyed with the idea, but wasn't quite mature enough, or ready enough to commit to three years of studying! I was accepted into the Nursing Degree programme in 2003 and graduated in 2006.  Can't believe it's been four years!!

I love my job. Nursing was the best decision I ever made.  There's nothing more rewarding, and I am challenged every day.  No two days are the same.  I meet amazing people and their families, and there's nothing more satisfying than caring for those who are ill.

(Some of the photos are a bit blurry as they're photo's of photo's - I don't have a scanner.)

Class of 2006: Can you spot me?

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  1. Well done on following your dream and belated congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Great photos, and a wonderful achievement to celebrate.


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