Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gallery 31: My Favourite Photo

I'm a bit late, but this weeks Gallery theme over at Tara Cain's Blog  is My Favourite Photo.  I have so many photo's that I love, some for sentimental reasons, some for sheer comedy value, and it was really hard to choose. However...

I've used this photo before, but at the moment it's my favourite. 

It totally captures my Dad's feelings that day. I look so excited, my friends look happy and pleased. My Dad looks.... petrified.  He had spent countless hours working himself up to this moment; the whole morning before the wedding was spent pacing the living room floor. And he was keeping it together well, until then.

My second favourite is:

This photo is of all my grandparents together at my Mum and Dads wedding, on a cold October day 35 years ago

I can't ever remember them all being in the same place at the same time. But I only have my Gran W left, (she's the one on the right).

My "old" Gran and Grandad were much older than my Gran and Grandad W, by about 15 years, and Old Grandad died when I was only 4. He was mischevious, and whenever you went into kiss him on the cheek he would blow a raspberry on your cheek instead. Old Gran was so gentle and kind, and was 95 years young when she passed away. Grandad W was a lay preacher, and worked in the dockyard in Rosyth. He was in something called the "league of mercy" who visited ill churchgoers in hospital, and I used to go with him when we visited.  He passed away 16 years ago last month.

I love how smart they all look. And I covet that black and white checked coat!!

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  1. Lovely photos, love your dad's face! I'm sure my dad could have been snapped with a similar expression on my wedding day!


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