Thursday, 28 October 2010

Getting In the Halloween Spirit

I love Halloween, and this is the 2nd Halloween night we will have been in our house. Last year, there were lots of Guisers at our door, and this year I am prepared!!

We don't have any children of our own, but it's really lovely to see the effort all the local kids put into their costumes, and their Tricks! Last year there was a boy who even did back flips down our path!! 

So to get me in the Halloween spirit, I have dug Wendy out of her box. 

Wendy is a tealight holder, who really lights up the windowsill on Halloween night.

I have also started to stock up on goodies for the Guisers....

...Hubby has been warned not to touch!

However, he did threaten to spend the night answering the door dressed like this:

Monday, 25 October 2010

On My Doorstep

About a 30 second walk from my front door is a totally different world. 

We live at the end of The Calderwood Trail, one of the nature trails belonging to Calderglen Country Park. The trail is absolutely beautiful, especially at autumn time, and today I took a good 2 hour walk up the trail.

I especially love the ruins of the old Calderwood Castle.  The Castle belonged to the Maxwell family of Calderwood for generations until the Scottish Co-op bought it, and ultimately demolished it.  From the pictures I've seen, it was an absolutely magnificent building.

Sadly only remains of the terrace are still in existance. Christopher Ladds has some amazing photo's on his Flikr site of the original castle, and some of the surrounding area. Really suggest you check them out.

So today as I walked I took a few of my own photos.  It was so quiet, and a little creepy at times. But very tranquil. The sun was shining through the trees, and the only other living creatures I saw were a few birds, and a very quick moving squirrel. 

After about 2/3 minutes walk I come to this:

This is all that remains of the Castle's terrace. The Castle would have been behind me where I took the photo.

A very creepy hollowed out tree.

Where the castle would have been.

Sharp drop down the edge!

The path ahead.

Vast roots.

Beautiful trail.

The path behind me.

Gorgeous scene.

Love the autumnal colours.

Beautiful views.

What's left of the part of the castle walls.

Apparently this was the Castle Crypt. When you look inside, there are ditches where they exhumed the bodies and moved them to a local churchyard. I must try to find out which one. There are claims they also buried the body of the family horse in the crypt.

Tangled branches.

Stream that runs into the waterfalls.

The Castle Falls.

It's a long way back!

More water.

Four Oaks

More water.

Interesting trees.

The water here is so clear, I tried to get a bit further down, but there's some steep edges.

I love this tree.  Reminds me of fingers!

Bridge over the stream.

Down at the water.

Love this tree.

I sat here for a while.  The whole place was so quiet. I never saw another soul until I was making my way back. I could sit there for hours.  A lovely place to just sit and ponder.

Love this tree too, looks like an outstretched arm!

It's a bit wet down here, glad I wore my wellies!

The only person I saw in 2 hours!

More of the falls

And the steps I fell down.....

Can't believe this is all just on my doorstep!


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