Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Gallery 28: A Smile

I've not been smiling much this week due to events at work, and I've actually changed my entry for The Gallery this week.

This is my Best Friend and I on a night out. It always makes me smile as it is when both of us were at our happiest.  I was a week away from getting married, she was doing really well at University.

I changed to this picture as I just got a phone call from  her yesterday to tell me that she's passed her Teaching Degree, and has accepted a job out in Bahrain in the Middle East starting in December.  Moving to Bahrain is something she's spoken about for years, but now it's a reality, and I feel quite sad that she's leaving.

People can't really understand why we're best friends.  We are so different!  She's very tanned, and I am very pale! She is outgoing and loud, I am quite shy and quiet (mostly!). We have completely different tastes in music, movies and men, and we have totally different groups of friends. But she's been my best friend since school, and I am really going to miss her.

This picture also makes me smile:

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  1. It's pretty warm in Bahrain, so knitting her something is out of the question but get her to send you cool wool so you can knit anyway.
    I like the photo of the 2 of you from your other post as wel. All smiles.
    I knit too, during the winter months to keep me awake and warm in the evenings.


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