Monday, 6 September 2010

The Gallery 26: Back to School

This weeks theme for the Gallery over at Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers Blog is Back to School.

I used to love the week running up to starting school again. New clothes, new school bag, new shoes! But most of all I love STATIONERY! Pencils, pens, sharpener, ruler, you name it, I would buy it in preparation for school. Even just the smell of a new pencil case made me excited to get back to school.
When I was young, there was a Stationers in Glasgow called CF Nash, or Nashes as everyone referred to it. It was amazing. Everything you needed was in there and more! Paper, card of all colours, stamps, ink, caligraphy pens, ribbon even! I'm pretty sure Nashes closed a few years ago, but if anyone knows if it's still up and running please let me know.

My sister and I both wrapped all our school books and jotters in the same brown paper for years, so I had to buy a roll for myself to wrap parcels in just to keep reminding me of how neat and clean it looks. There was always something great about the start of a new page of a jotter or notebook, almost like a fresh start, a do-over, a chance to prove you can be better than the last page.

When I went to University, the first thing I did was buy a new big chunky notebook and new pens. So now, even though I've now been out of school 10 years, and out of University for four, I still buy a few little stationery items, usually a notebook, because there's still nothing that compares to the feeling of writing on a fresh page.


  1. Oh yes - I completely agree. I sit love to buy pencils and new notebooks and I used to wrap my school books in brown paper. Sometimes now I wrap presents up in them. I wonder if the receivers are as happy as me about it!!! but I had never put 2&2 together about why I like to do these things - it is a back to school hang over - you are so right :0)

  2. Yes, yes, yes I love stationery! I just recently bought a lovely new notebook, telling myself I needed it to jot down all my ideas for my blog lol.. I could spend a fortune on the stuff!

  3. Lovely post, also love stationary and that new notebook smell!

  4. Thanks guys! Nic - me too, I would need a separate bank account to fund my stationery addiction!


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