Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Finished Projects

I have been working on a few different projects, and as I am still a sort of beginner I have been trying to get my hand in at practicing different stitches and patterns.

First up is an easy garter stitch baby blanket. I used Robin Aran with Wool in red. I love this wool as it is so warm, when I was knitting this it was keeping my lap very warm! It is knit diagonally, and I found it very easy to do.

The second is a Seed Stitch Scarf, for which I just used plain on DK wool in lavender.  It isn't as long as I anticipated, but it certainly is cosy, and was a fairly easy pattern to follow.

I found both patterns on Ravelry and the links are Seeded Rib Scarf and Diagonal Blanket.

I am now on the hunt for something a little more complicated!

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  1. Those are some lovely things you've knitted, you must be very proud, even if they are simple.

    I knitted a scarf a few years ago from a kit I got for Christmas. It took me three attempts, I kept adding stitches! The first attempt looked a bit like your blanket LOL


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